Picture this: You've just poured your heart and soul into creating the perfect video. Months of meticulous editing looking for the seamless fusion of visuals and music, crafting an authentic message that resonates like a symphony. It's not just a video to you; it's your masterpiece. Now you want to show it to the world. Enter AI, the supposed savior of translation and dubbing. You hand over your magnum opus, hoping for linguistic brilliance that matches your visual genius at a fraction of the cost. But what do you get? A trite, lifeless meh. The audiovisual equivalent of "I hope this mail finds you well"—cookie-cutter, bloated, and utterly mediocre.

I get it.

For most use cases, AI tends to be "good enough," and the cost savings are undeniable.
But did you really go through all that effort just to settle for passable output in that last, crucial step that is communication? Would you be willing to risk going viral for all the wrong reasons and forever compromise your brand equity just to spend a little less?

If the answer is no...

Go Human. Choose ShotChange.

I'm Vanes, a localization specialist with over 15 years of experience, and I'll help your project travel without getting lost in translation


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What can I help you with?

SUBTITLING - Seamless subtitles, capturing every word and emotion effortlessly

DUBBING QC - Perfecting your audio and scripts for a flawless dubbing experience

TRANSLATION - Elevate your message globally with creative cross-cultural storytelling

All services are available in the following language pairs: ITALIAN to ENGLISH, ENGLISH to ITALIAN, KOREAN to ENGLISH, KOREAN to ITALIAN

What My Clients Say...

A few words from those I've helped globalize their content

"Working with Vanes has made me realize how difficult it is to find these people and how valuable these people are to us. Not only is he damn good in the field, he made me a better coordinator in my job and I thank him for that."

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