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What subtitles can do for you

Subtitles are the silent heroes of video localization. They convey the message of your content to audiences around the world, solving the problem of language barriers. Whether you need to expand your reach, increase engagement, or comply with accessibility regulations, quality subtitles are essential. As a localization expert, I specialize in crafting accurate, natural-sounding subtitles that convey your message with clarity and impact.

Here are the subtitling services I offer

Subtitling Templates

Generally used as a starting point for multilingual projects. Using a subtitling template ensures that subtitles are consistent throughout the entire video or program in terms of spotting and segmentation. Templates also help streamline the subtitling process, saving time and reducing errors. I create original language templates in Italian and English, and English and Italian templates. Providing a script will speed up the process.

Subtitle Origination

The process of creating new subtitles from scratch (without any existing materials) or from an existing template. It involves transcribing the audio, translating the dialogue, and then creating the subtitle text and timing to match the on-screen action. Subtitle origination requires a skilled linguist with experience in creative translation as well as a thorough understanding of subtitle formatting and timing. It's a crucial step in making content accessible to a global audience.

Subtitle Conformance/Reformat

Not all subtitles are created equal. Subtitle conformance refers to the compliance of subtitles with specific guidelines or standards. These guidelines may cover various aspects of subtitle creation, such as font size, placement, duration, and content. It could be a matter of altering the spotting or framerate, adhering to particular guidelines (like BBC, the WebVTT specification outlines for YouTube, or Netflix's Timed Text Style Guide). I'll make sure you're good to go, wherever that may be. I can do this in Italian, English, and Korean.

Metadata Translation

Metadata is the descriptive information that provides context and details about a piece of content, such as a video or audio file. It includes information such as title, author, keywords, and other relevant details that help search engines and other systems understand the content. If your company operates globally, you may need to translate your metadata to ensure that your content is properly identified and categorized in different languages and regions. That's where metadata translation services come in. I can help you accurately and efficiently translate your metadata, ensuring that your content is optimized for search engines and easily discoverable by international audiences.

Subtitle QC

If subtitles are inaccurate or contain errors, it can result in confusion, frustration, and a negative perception of the content. Subtitle QC, or subtitle quality control, is the process of ensuring that subtitles in a video accurately convey the spoken content and are free of errors. It involves checking the timing, synchronization, spelling, grammar, and overall quality of the subtitles to ensure they enhance the viewing experience and do not detract from it.

Subtitle Burn-in/Hardcoding

Are you looking to distribute your video content on platforms that do not support external subtitle files or want to ensure that your subtitles are always visible to viewers, regardless of the playback device? Subtitle hardcoding might be the solution for you. I will maintain aspect ratio, compression, and video quality, and add your own subtitles or my translation for a small extra fee. You can choose any style, color, font or positioning you wish.


File formats include:
- standard (SRT, EBU STL, PAC, ASS, SSA)
- closed captions (CAP, SCC, SMI)
- YouTube (VTT, SBV)
- Apple iTunes (ITT)
- Netflix (DFXP)
- FinalCut (FCPXML, FinalCut Pro Images)
- DVD/Blu-ray (SUB, DoStudio, EDL, Sony BDN, Spruce DVD)
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Speak Their Language: The Benefits of Dubbing

Want to take your content global and connect with audiences in different countries and cultures? Dubbing is the answer. Dubbing involves replacing the original language of your film or TV show with a new one, making it accessible to a wider global audience. By localizing your content through dubbing, you can increase engagement, break language barriers, and expand your brand's reach.

Here are the dubbing services I offer

Dub Audio QC

Dub Audio QC (Quality Control) is the process of reviewing and verifying the audio quality of a dubbed film or TV show. It involves ensuring that the audio is synchronized with the video, that the translation is accurate and culturally appropriate, and that the audio levels and overall sound quality are consistent throughout. Dub Audio QC helps to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards of quality and is ready for distribution to a global audience. I perform Dub Audio QC for Italian and English.

Dubbing Script Review

Dubbing Script Review is the process of reviewing and editing the translated script for a dubbed film or TV show. It involves ensuring that the translation is accurate, culturally appropriate, and properly adapted to the lip movements of the actors on screen. This is a crucial step in the dubbing process, as it helps to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality and is ready for recording. By reviewing and refining the script, dubbing professionals can create a final product that accurately reflects the intent and tone of the original content while resonating with viewers in different countries and cultures. I perform Dubbing script reviews in Italian and English.

Audio Description QC

Audio Description QC (Quality Control) is the process of reviewing and verifying the audio description of a film or TV show for accuracy and quality. It involves ensuring that the audio description provides an accurate and clear representation of the on-screen action, character expressions, and visual cues for viewers who are blind or visually impaired. This is an essential step in creating an inclusive and accessible viewing experience for all audiences. I can perform QC on both the Audio Description script, and the final file, in Italian and English.

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