What My Clients Say



What my clients say...

I strongly believe that the foundation of any successful business is based on building genuine relationships with its clients. My approach is centered on establishing long-term partnerships that are built on mutual respect, trust, and delivering quality work. For me these relationships are not just about numbers, but people, which is why I strive to develop a personal connection with each and every client I work with. My goal is to get to know you on a personal level, so I can better understand your needs and deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. I am committed to being a reliable and trustworthy partner you can count on, and I look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you. Here are a few words from some of the people who trusted me with their localization needs.

Eamonn L.

The Engine House Media Services

I’ve just been proofing your files so far for the feature and extras, and I just wanted to say that your translations are brilliant. Really high standard. Thanks so much.

Chana S.


Vanes is one of the best professional translators working in the localization industry today. He delivers consistently excellent quality work, even under pressure. It has been my pleasure to have worked with him for the last four years.

Sophie W.

Zoo Digital

Since we were first introduced, Vanes has been one of the most professional translators I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He's never late on a deadline, works quickly yet to a consistently high quality, and is prompt and efficient in communication. Vanes' skill, experience, and knowledge always shines through.

Christelle C.


Vanes is a great translator, very professional and responsive. It's always a pleasure to work with him and I will certainly work with him on future projects. It's so nice when you can count on people and build a real professional relationship :)

Steve C.

Glocal Media

We have worked with Vanes on a number of projects. He's an excellent translator who delivers to a very high standard. Translations are always delivered to match our brief, on time, every time. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Agatha R.

Iyuno Media Group

Vanes works real fast, he is responsible, manages his time efficiently and submits flawless projects. Also, it is not hard to explain things to him. He knows exactly what to do and understands very well how he should carry on with the project.

Syahanim S.


Vanes was one of the first people I've worked with when I first worked in my current position. After working with this guy, I was amazed to learn how an Italian guy could fluently understand Korean, with its context, style etc. I'm always amazed by that.

As a translator, no doubt his files delivered are always excellent and he does his job, no silly questions or excuses. But what I remember the most is how much he has helped as a reviewer. His vast knowledge of the language and expertise has helped iflix to develop the Korean team by providing very detailed, honest and constructive feedback for our candidates. As we're developing a new team, he showed us what we need and allowed us to make firm decisions in finding the right candidates for the job. All the candidates that he has reviewed positively have contributed so well to us, making the Korean team one of the highest performing teams in localization (this is true, Vanes ;)).

Also, our Korean in-house team wouldn't have beenn possible without him, because he helped us review the first editor hired here. I'm proud to say, your feedback has been so right, as I see her progress here. Working with him has made me realize how difficult it is to find these people and how valuable these people are to us. Not only is he damn good in the field, he made me a better coordinator in my job and I thank him for that. He's one of the few people whom I can trust in the field, probably the best I've known. If he were living in my country or vice versa, I would have requested to hire him to join our team ages ago.

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Note: This list is by no means complete, as some of my clients require NDAs to be signed, and discretion

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